? What’s this? You write Science Fiction, not this stuff.

http://www.musingmonika.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/adamtglass-com.jpgI run into lots of fun stuff while fact checking my #SciFi novels Matryoschka Sarah, Matryoschka Daughter and #Matryoschka Heritage. The snippet of info gets embedded one or more of my novels, but the topic intrigues me enough to dig a little more.  These are the ‘little more.’

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Giving offense


The below brings up an interesting question. Chuck Weding wrote a gay MC (main character, aka protagonist, or hero) into the third novel of a YA (young adult) series.  He received an e-mail, as a sidenote, hilariously misspelled and laughable grammar, strongly objecting to this. … Click for more …