Fix Your #Internet

The USA and UK governments tell you to Not use the browser that comes with your computer.  What is the problem with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer? Two large issues. First, MS does NOT code to standards. These standards are in place for security, speed, and everyone-gets-the-same-experience. Without these, we go back >> Continue reading

What Exactly Does Facebook “Friend” Mean? The Good, the Bad & the Ugly | Kristen Lamb’s Blog

This is my first reblog. I prefer thought pieces that I bled copious grey matter sorting through.  Normally, the key is some piece of philosophical verisimilitude (not literary verisimilitude) that caught my attention while writing (or hacking on) one of my WiPs. (Works in Progress).  This piece hit my inbox >> Continue reading

they like me, they really … I think

Sucked it up and submitted my “first page” to the virtual shredder. Time to test Sturgeons Law.

Uh, I think they mostly like it.  Time for the next pass, and hopefully 3 – 6 beta readers.

here are some comments.

“the premise is interesting, and I think you DEFINITELY started >> Continue reading

What is this writer up to?

If you read this blog, you’re asking yourself. What is this writer up to? Seems all over the place.  To which I answer, THANKS!

I promised three things when this blog started. One was to promote other #writer and #artist work. Check out the “Spotlight” for that.  Another was >> Continue reading

Death by Teleprompter #walmart

I’m not a fan of Walmart. For about 30 years, I’ve had issues with downtowns that die once a walmart sprung up on the bypass.  That said, it helps no one #onepercent even to have teleprompter quality arguments splattered across the media. Especially major publications. here is one #huffingtonpost.  Do >> Continue reading

cure for overwork #sfrb #scifi #amwriting

Summer is looking like Winter. Too much work, too little enjoyment, non-serious reading. My attempted cure for that:

(not the writer, not the publisher, don’t have a clue who the writer or editor are.)
What happens when a girl falls madly in love, only to discover her new beau >> Continue reading

Less than 2 weeks, has over 110 registered

Holy Horned Tomato Worms. As Granna Hergenreder says, but never in person, in the novel.  #SciFi #amwriting #scififantasy #sfrb. Less than two weeks, the Blog: has over 100 registered.  All I’ve done is help some fellow #writers and document my #research.
Casting around on >> Continue reading

Wasteful Performance Reviews.
An interesting article (click through below) on the annual, semi-annual, and in the last 10 years, quarterly “performance review.”  If you watch “The Office” USA or Brit version, it sends up the performance review about every 3 years.  Tragically, Every joke line, happened to me. Many times.  Several, >> Continue reading

CIA saves Civilization

The Culinary Institute of America has long been on the forefront of open thoughts, artistic merit and expression.  Oh, dear, I guess I mean the “other CIA”, the Central Intelligence Agency.

Over the years, starting in the 1970’s, I heard about CIA’s dreaded hand in everything good, despoiling it, and >> Continue reading

Bias in NPR’s “Best Commencement Speeches “

NPR collected over 300 of the “best commencement speeches ever.”  Click-through URL at end.

I scanned a few, and LoML had to wake me up each time. I decided to check for a celebrity who would at least be entertaining. Yep, NPR thinks Kermit the Frog (Southampton, 1996) is in >> Continue reading

Why Women in Scifi is like Horton Hears a Who

Spacefreighters Lounge: Why Women in Scifi is like Horton Hears a Who.
A fair, if somewhat harsh assessment of the state of SciFi.  It’s too easy to fall into the morass of “women aren’t taken seriously.” #SFRB #writing There is another way to understand this phenomena. If a >> Continue reading

When are you an adult?

In a move considered to be a win for the transgender advocacy community. Israel lowered the state age limit for trans reassignment procedure from 16 to 18.  Here is the Times of Israel article.

This is touchy. And well beyond TG sensitivities. What should be the age of “fully” informed >> Continue reading

A story idea. Go to a foreign country for reassignment surgery to a …

This has possibilities for a fun ten thousand word short story. The boy does not fit in with the rough and tumble boy’s life. He likes gold and begs to see golden jewelry. When he grows up, he doesn’t maintain a masculine appearance. He saves his money to get reassignment >> Continue reading

Making FlapJacks Special

Finished rewriting a scene. The Female Main Character has little outlet for activity, due to some nastiness happening.  She is funneling her energy into interior activities.  The scene is to show this and to show her motivations. This time I added cinnamon to the flapjacks. Got so excited, I had >> Continue reading

What car was that?


Here is a cautionary tale. I have my female MC attacked by a mysterious little man. All she remembers is the 1998 Chevy Station Wagon behind him. It is assumed that the wagon is his, as it disappeared with him. She can describe it, and with the internet, can pin >> Continue reading

The Heroine likes showers

There are truths about novels such as the first one is autobiographical.  You will not see a single event in my WiP Novels that are biographical.  Like most people, no one would buy something that boring.  What I refer to are isolated scenes or scene snippets. In the first book >> Continue reading

What about the other two novels? Play? Comic Book?


Funny thing about that. I am collecting scenes as  they pop out of the grey matter and/or aether.  I have material for both.  But at the same time, I have negotiated rights to expand a short story into a full novel in the style of Pinter’s play Betrayal.  And, I >> Continue reading

Will I publish?

  • Beats me. For now, I am happy to be involved in the process of learning the Writer’s Craft.  I have been to 7 workshops, and 6 courses.  More to come.
  • In the bottom analysis, it is not important to me.
  • Hemingway famously, and maybe in reality, burnt the first >> Continue reading

What I am working on.

The first novel is Matryoschka Sarah. see bullets below.
The bullets correspond to the drop-down tabs above.

A dark and dreary night.

One night, an idea got stuck crosswise, and at 2AM I start writing.  Four days later, I have a basic story, 23,287 words.  Looking at file dates this was September 27 – 30. A couple of things happened in the writing. I found that the plot lines were unresolvable in >> Continue reading

Quantum Meadowlark, Speculative Fiction Series Syzygy of science, philosophy, fiction and fun


Quantum Meadowlark, Speculative Fiction Series
Syzygy of science, philosophy, fiction and fun
The first novel and work in progress (WIP) is Matryoschka Sarah, a love story
Syzygy – where fiction meets Technology and Philosophy … and Fun!

If you will be hung for cattle rustling, why >> Continue reading

Brag’n rights: Neutrino astronomy

Brag’n Rights. 
To close a plot hole in the Matryoschka Series of novels, I hypothesized a high-energy sub-atomic effect. Clean simple, and made up from pieces of my haphazard reading of physics papers.
Ooops, like the the M&M characters say, “It does exist.” Well, not quite. Anita, see attached, is the third attempt in Antarctica to find it. Anyone say Neutrinos? astronomy: Balloon with a view | The Economist.