? What’s this? You write Science Fiction, not this stuff.


I run into lots of fun stuff while fact checking my #SciFi novels Matryoschka Sarah, Matryoschka Daughter and #Matryoschka Heritage. The snippet of info gets embedded one or more of my novels, but the topic intrigues me enough to dig a little more.  These are the ‘little more.’

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Dugway, BioWarfare and #Matryoschka Heritage #SciFi

The 2nd time for me, I’m out of sequence with the news cycle. In theory, your inspiration comes after an event or activity.

In novel 1, I called out the VA hospital fake record keeping 18 months before it hit the Natio3D rendered conceptualization of Anthrax Bacterial

nal News media. I wasn’t prescient, I was a volunteer.  I thought it was obvious that they were cooking the books to look good. My career as a volunteer was short, about 7 months, as I asked what I thought was a simple question about release of private records to external groups. My badge was pulled, but they didn’t tell me, and I worked for another 3 months directly with Veteran patients until one day I asked if my badge needed to be renewed. Then, the fan hit the brown fecal matter.

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